Parking Wheel Stops

Rubber wheel stops for your car park

Keep your car park looking tidy and protect your walls and clients cars.

Wheel stops are great for protecting kerbs, walls and vehicles from damage in busy car parks where it is difficult to judge the distance between the car and the kerb. By creating a boundary with a wheel stop the vehicle is prevented from travelling further into the parking space than they should. Your clients will thank you for providing these boundaries as they can easily prevent damage to vehicles without causing damage to tyres.

Our wheel stops will work in any type of car parking situation. They are tough, durable and unobtrusive making them ideal for your car park.

car parking wheel stop

Parkright24 is your one-stop shop for high quality parking wheel stops based in Melbourne, Australia. So when your business needs wheel stops or other parking equipment get in touch with us to learn about the best products available, and get the best deal for you.

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