Car Park Speed Humps

Speed bumps are ideal for your car park

Speed Humps are designed to improve safety conditions for all car parks users including vehicles and pedestrians. When placed in the right places they are proven to be extremely effective. Evidence suggests a decrease in speed frequently leads to a reduction in accidents and their severity along with reducing the vulnerability of pedestrians inside your facility. Across Australia, drivers understand the visual cues associated with speed humps and the general response to these traffic traps is to slow down.

Speed Humps are often found in car park areas including multi-story car parks, covered car parks and open facilities at shopping centres, hospitals etc.

At Parkright24 we have a substantial range of speed bumps available for your car parks specific layout and requirements.

car park speed humps

Parkright24 is your one-stop shop for speed humps based in Melbourne, Australia. So when your business needs high quality speed humps or other parking equipment get in touch with us to learn about the best products available, and get the best deal for you.

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