Car Park Cleaning

Complete cleaning services for car parks of any size.

Regardless of the size of your parking facilities or whether they are open or a multi-level structure, frequent sweeping and cleaning is required to keep them safe for users, reduce maintenance costs, and keep the car park looking it's best for the people who frequent them.

Keeping a high quality appearance throughout your car parks along with maintaining best hygiene practises will ensure you are preventing unexpected hassles or injuries and actively reducing the risk of accidents or irreparable damage. From car parks in strata buildings to large shopping centre car parks all across Melbourne and it's surrounding suburbs Parkright24 is proud to be industry leaders in all forms of car park maintenance.


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Using industry leading equipment including high pressure hoses and water extraction machines, professional cleaning agents and practised technique, Parkright24 remain your best choice for the hassle free car park cleaning.

Parkright24 offers car park cleaning in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs and are proud to have become indispensable partners to our clients.

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